Bulgarian Startups Selected for AI Bootcamp 2023 Announced

We are delighted to announce that three Bulgarian startups: Eilla, Releva and Saga have been chosen to participate in the AI Bootcamp 2023, taking place in London at the end November. They will be joining a cohort of startups from various European countries, including Croatia, Romania, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Poland, and Israel.

The selected companies have strong AI driven B2B/enterprise solutions, have commercial traction and plans to scale/fundraise in UK. They also have passionate management teams, ready to take the expansion challenge.

The three companies are:

EILLA: AI powered platform designed to assist with financial research, analysis and document creation. Using advanced machine learning algorithms and natural language processing techniques to mirror the way analysts and associated executive tasks work in M&A banks, VC and PE funds.  

RELEVA: AI-first growth platform to optimise customer experiences through deeper understanding of their needs. Marketing automation platform that perosalises the website and every touch point of users across multi-channels with the goal to increase conversion rates, average order value and customer lifetime value. 

SAGA: AI-powered collaborative workspace that helps individuals and teams manage their knowledge across notes, docs and tasks in one place. It introduces AI automation in a variety of tasks such as text generation, answering questions and fulfilling other manual tasks. 

Congratulations to selected companies! For the online session of the AI bootcamp they will be joined by three other Bulgarian startups CHILDISH, METASIM, and PREDICTO who have shown a great potential.

The AI Bootcamp has been developed together with Global Tech Connect, an organisation that unites UK-based international startup programmes better support tech companies from their national ecosystems to enter and scale in the UK.