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Celebrating 9 Months of BEX!

What a journey it has been! We couldn't have achieved all this without the dedication of the people who volunteered their time to make it a reality. 

and we achieved a lot:

  • Executed 2 groundbreaking programs (AI & FinTech) in partnership with other bilateral organisations in London under Global Tech Connect.
  • 29 companies participated, with 9 Bulgarian companies leading the way!
  • Built a robust network of over 40 partners in London, including corporates, investors, and government entities.
  • LinkedIn Page: 41k unique visitors and 2k followers.
  • 11 editions of the ‘London Pulse’ Newsletter with a stellar 61% open rate and 3% click-through rate.
  • Published the 2024 International Expansion Sentiment Report with great coverage in Bulgarian media.
  • Hosted 2 ‘Bulgarians in Tech’ events with over 40 attendees each.
  • Proudly featured in the Bilateral (UK/BG Governments) Strategic Declaration.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us along the way! 🌍🇧🇬