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Digitalk Conference Panel: AI Programme Alumni

We're thrilled to announce that three of the companies who participated in our AI Programme in 2023:, Saga, and Predicto, will be joining us at the stage of  Digitalk + AI event in Sofia 2024 on May, 14th, 2024 to discuss what is the  "Future Frontiers of AI Innovation in Business"!

Blagovesta Pugyova (, Filip Stanev (Saga), and Radomir Rashkov,(Predicto), will be sharing their insights on the future trends and opportunities in AI innovation across various industries.


The panel will be moderated by our very own Dilyana Haralanova, representing BEX, as they explore the transformative potential of AI and its impact on businesses worldwide.


Join us at Digitalk 2024 at Sofia Event Center, to register and find more information visit: