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Strengthening the UK-Bulgaria Strategic Partnership: A Landmark Joint Declaration

In a historic milestone for international collaboration, British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly hosted Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Mariya Gabriel in London to sign a Joint Declaration on a new UK-Bulgaria Strategic Partnership.

The official statement after signing highlights the new "Joint Declaration on the UK-Bulgaria Strategic Partnership," reflecting a shared ambition to further enhance close cooperation, including an increase in academic mobility, R&D, and digital trade, as well as boosting links between businesses through the Bulgarian Expansion Bridge, which supports companies to set up in the UK.

BEX (Bulgarian Expansion Bridge), an initiative created with the support of both embassies, the Bulgarian Embassy in England and the British Embassy in Bulgaria, and multiple other organisations from the Bulgarian Ecosystem, including British Bulgarian Business Association (BBBA), symbolises an unwavering commitment to the removal of barriers for businesses seeking to expand their operations on an international scale. "Mentioning BEX in the official agreement for strategic cooperation between Bulgaria and England is a serious declaration of institutional support from both sides," shares Krassimir Kiriakov, Head of Commercial and Economic Section, Embassy of Bulgaria in London.

Highlighting the importance of this important announcement, Genoveva Christova, a successful entrepreneur and Founding Board Member of BEX, expressed: "I am happy and proud that, all the efforts with my colleagues, we have established BEX as a Hub supporting Bulgarian companies to establish and develop in the British market, and from there, to global markets! The work is just beginning, and the main goal is the rebranding of Bulgaria and positioning it as a strategic partner among investors in technological innovations on the Island."

By fostering collaboration, BEX reinforces the commitment to making global business seamless and prosperous. The Joint Declaration on the UK-Bulgaria Strategic Partnership signifies a new era of collaboration, innovation, and economic growth. BEX is at the forefront of this transformative journey, breaking down barriers and opening doors for businesses to flourish in the U.K.

Among the most promising industries for breaking into the British market are the B2B technology sectors. Because of this, the pilot programme of BEX is focusing on B2B AI (Artificial Intelligence) enabled companies, which will run this November.

For Bulgarian Expansion Bridge:

Bulgarian Expansion Bridge is a non-profit organisation uniting private companies, public bodies, and individuals with a shared mission: to empower the international expansion of Bulgarian businesses worldwide, starting with London.

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photo source: the Bulgaria Ministry Of Foreign Affairs